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Add further to your core Scotland tour with either or both of these two extensions.

Prior to the main tour, we offer time in two historically significant locations - a 700+ year old castle and an Industrial Revolution era mill.

After the main tour we visit Edinburgh, mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, magnificent York and an English seaside town also with mysterious links.

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Pre and Post Tour Options for the
2018 Scotland's Islands and Highlands Tour

David (left) and Coach Captain Jim - we look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful expedition through Scotland's Highlands and Islands with you.

Add further to your Scotland experiences and enjoyment with these additional touring opportunities before or after the main Islands and Highlands Tour.

Optional Extensions

Our tour's main core itinerary, almost two weeks in duration, gives you a great exposure to the most distinctive parts of Scotland and its culture - the islands off its west coast, its Highlands and Loch Ness.

There is of course plenty more to see and do in Scotland.

We are offering some Travel Insider options both before and after the main tour.  Exact details and pricing will depend on the number of people participating in the options, but we're showing the itinerary and activity details below so you can decide which (or all) of these options to choose.

After you've finished viewing the details of the tour options below, please click here to return to the main Scotland's Islands and Highlands Tour page and/or to the main tour's detailed itinerary page.

You can choose to add one or two nights before the main tour, and two or more nights after the main tour.

Details of these different options follow. 

Pre-Tour Option 1 - Culcreuch Castle

Culcreuch Castle
The oldest parts of Culcreuch Castle (the 'Keep' on the left) date back to 1299.

Culcreuch Castle exterior
Culcreuch Castle is located in lovely grounds close to the tiny town of Fintry.

Culcreuch Bar
A friendly bar gives you a chance to mix with locals and two restaurants ensure you have lots of dining choices.

If you'd like to add one additional night to your tour, we recommend you join us at Culcreuch Castle for the Sunday evening immediately before the tour starts.

This commences with your collection from Glasgow's Central Railway Station at 1.30pm.  We then travel through scenic countryside up to this lovely 14th century castle, in stately grounds and on the outskirts of the tiny town of Fintry.

The castle has walking trails, two restaurants and a cosy bar, as well as several public reading rooms for you to relax in, in addition to your room for the night.

Although the castle is old, your room does have modern plumbing and a private bathroom!

After a memorable night at the castle, and - who knows - possibly even an encounter with the castle's ghost (a harpist), we return a different way to Glasgow on Monday morning to meet up with the start of the main tour.


Pre-Tour Option 2 - Stirling, Wallace Monument & New Lanark World Heritage Site (then Culcreuch too)

National Wallace Monument
An iconic view of the National Wallace Monument that dominates the surrounding countryside.

Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle is mounted on a craggy rise, similar to Edinburgh Castle.

The engineering marvel that is the Falkirk Wheel enables canal boats to go from one level to another.

New Lanark
The New Lanark World Heritage Site comprises the mills, houses, and other buildings that date back to the Industrial Revolution, and on is on the banks of the upper River Clyde.

New Lanark Hotel
The lovely hotel at New Lanark is in one of the mill buildings.

New Lanark Visitor Attraction
A variety of presentations and exhibits even includes a ride through a recreation of life back then.

If you have an additional day to spare, then join us on Saturday for a richly varied day of sightseeing.

We start at Glasgow Central Railway Station at 10.15am and travel first northwest to the Stirling region, made famous in the movie 'Braveheart'.

We go to visit magnificent Stirling Castle, one of the largest and most important castles, both historically and architecturally, in Scotland.

We will have time for lunch in Stirling.

After lunch we travel down to New Lanark, stopping at the amazing Falkirk Wheel on the way.

New Lanark is a very interesting and very beautiful site, south of Glasgow, and was founded in 1786, and which operated as a cotton mill complex until 1968.

It is now a world heritage site and shows a good example of an Industrial Revolution cotton mill and the related life of its workers.

 However, workers at New Lanark were very fortunate, because during the period it was owned and managed by noted social reformer and philanthropist, Robert Owen, it became a successful business and an epitome of utopian socialism as well as an early example of a planned settlement and so an important milestone in the historical development of urban planning.

We spend a night at the lovely hotel located in one of the former mill buildings, and have time to tour around the site as we wish.

The next morning (Sunday) we return to Glasgow where we have time for lunch and then join up with other people for the tour up to Culcreuch Castle.


Post-Tour Option 1 - Edinburgh and Enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel

The Edinburgh skyline.

Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh
Fascinating two-level Victoria Terrace in Edinburgh's Old Town district.

Rosslyn Chapel
The outside of mysterious Rosslyn Chapel.

Mysterious symbols on the chapel's ceiling
Mysterious symbols and patterns on the chapel ceiling.

Our post-tour option has you spending two nights in Edinburgh.

We will arrive in Edinburgh mid/late afternoon on Thursday, and spend two nights there.

During Friday we will enjoy a city tour around the major highlights of this glorious and very historic city, and then we will travel a short distance south to visit Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel was featured in the popular novel 'The Da Vinci Code' as being the home of the Holy Grail.  This was of course fiction, but there are enduring stories connecting this small church with some of the Christian church's most ancient mysteries.

Rosslyn Chapel also shows strong hints in some of its symbolism of having a link to the Knights Templar.  Other strange patterns hint at codes and hidden meanings.

Come visit Rosslyn with us and see if you can puzzle out any of these enduring mysteries.

On Saturday morning, this tour option ends, but if you wish, you can stay longer in Edinburgh - there's a huge amount to see (the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith Harbour is a popular favorite), and/or of course, you can travel elsewhere in Scotland, Britain, or Europe.

Let us know if we can help you with your plans.


Option Costs

Indicative pricing is $150 per person for the one night at Culcreuch before the tour, and about the same for the one night at New Lanark before the tour, including hotel for one night, breakfast, and touring.

The two night post tour in Edinburgh is about $350.

Exact costs depend on how many people choose these options and the hotel standard you choose.

For More Information

Please return to the main page for more information about our 2018 Scotland's Islands and Highlands Tour.

And here's a link to jump you directly down to the booking form.

Or, if you prefer, you can go back to the day by day itinerary for the main tour.

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