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Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Information to help you choose the best Bluetooth headset for your needs and preferences

These reviews will help you choose the Bluetooth headset that is best for you, and will hopefully save you from making a costly mistake.

As surprising - and disappointing - as it may seem, not all Bluetooth headsets work well, and some work very poorly. Read through our reviews to see what is hot and what is not.

Check back regularly; new equipment is being reviewed all the time.


Choosing a Bluetooth Headset

An essential introduction that explains in detail

what to look for in a Bluetooth Headset

High End Headset Comparison

We compare and contrast the Aliph Jawbone, the Jawbone 2, the BlueAnt Q1 and Cardo S-800 headsets to help you decide which you should buy.

Read the comparison here.

Aliph Jawbone 2 Headset

A successor to the excellent original Jawbone, this unit offers a sleeker design but very similar functionality.  Also priced at about $56 - $75.

Full review of the Aliph Jawbone 2 headset here.

BlueAnt Q1 Headset

An interesting new approach to headset design, this two piece unit is comfortable and easy to carry, with a moderate feature set and a $35 street price.

Full review of the BlueAnt Q1 headset here.

Cardo S-640 Headset

An interesting new approach to headset design, this two piece unit is comfortable and easy to carry, with a moderate feature set and a $35 street price.

Full review of the Cardo S-640 headset here.

Cardo S-800 Headset

A more traditionally designed headset, and offering excellent audio quality.

Its excellent audio combined with a very realistic $20 or less street price makes it a preferred headset for you to consider.

Full review of the Cardo S-800 headset here.

Jabra BT125 Headset

Jabra is the world's largest manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, and their BT125 unit sets a new high value/low price point in the marketplace.

At a mere $25 (and sometimes less) from Amazon, it is definitely worth considering.

Full review of the Jabra BT125 headset here.

Motorola H3 Headset

Motorola's H3 headset is a newer design than the HS800 and HS850, and has both a more modern look and a lower price point.

But although - in theory - it has a lot going for it, poor sound quality makes it a poor choice of

At slightly more than $30 it would be fairly priced if only it worked better.

Full review of the Motorola H3 headset here

Motorola HS850 Headset

Motorola has learned from their earlier poor Bluetooth headsets (eg the HS800 mentioned at the bottom of this page) and with their HS850, have come up with a good unit that works well and has no offsetting negatives.  Some people might think the design a bit dated.

Originally costing about $65 and now available for less, it was fairly priced when it first came out, but now is no longer state of the art.

Full review of the Motorola HS850 headset here

Plantronics Discovery 650E Headset

An interesting headset that performs well, and with a unique way of storing the headset when not in use.

Flexible charging options, and the ability to be paired with two phones simultaneously add to the headset's appeal.

A street price of about $55 (Feb 08) made it fairly priced back then, but subsequently, pricing has dropped and this is no longer a great value.

Full review of the Plantronics Discovery 650E headset here

Technocel T360 Headset

A basic headset with all the essential features needed in a headset but little fancy or extra.

But it performs well and is fairly priced (street price of about $23 in June 2010), and for many people will be all that anyone needs.

Full review of the Technocel T360 headset here.

Parrot Easydrive

The latest product from Bluetooth specialists Parrot, with better performance and more features than the earlier DriveBlue.  Sells for about $100.

Works well.  Recommended.

Full review of the Parrot Easydrive here

Parrot DriveBlue

This unit has now been superseded by the new (May 05) Easydrive unit above..

Full review of the Parrot DriveBlue here

Parrot CK3000

The ultimate in car hands-free kits, hard wired into your car's sound system for best fidelity.

Better quality than the DriveBlue, but (obviously) not portable, and more expensive ($199 plus installation costs).

Recommended for your main driving car.

Full review of the Parrot CK3000 here

8Com BH-220 Headset

A reasonably fully featured and affordable headset ($45) with computer audio profile capability too.

A good value unit back when originally released, but now no longer 'state of the art'.

Full review of the 8Com BH-220 headset here.

Aizen FlyBy Headset

This unit was released in Dec 05 and probably is no longer available.

Full review of the Aizen FlyBy headset here.

Aliph Jawbone Headset

A distinctive design, good sound quality and great noise cancellation, the Aliph Jawbone is a good headset, but with a $75 street price is hardly a bargain price.

Full review of the Aliph Jawbone headset here.

Gennum nXZEN 5500 Plus Headset

Designed and marketed in Canada, Gennum's nXZEN 5500 Plus costs $160.  Is it worth it?  Read the review to find out.

Full review of the Gennum nXZEN headset here.

Honeywell Airlite 900 Portable Speakerphone

An attractive unit, but with major functionality limitations, and its manufacturer has gone out of business, discontinuing support and probably warranty replacement too.

Full review of the Airlite 900 Portable Speakerphone here.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset HS800

$90 from the Motorola website, and as little as $25 from, this is a basic unit, with short battery life, although at a low price.  It does not have both headset and hands-free profiles.

I couldn't get it to work with either of my test phones (Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson T610). Not recommended.

Nectar Blueclip Headset Holders

We've two pages of reviews here, one for a range of retractable cord style headset holders (one such example pictured, left) and the other for a range of necklace style headset holders.

Both ranges are very moderately priced and very effective.  Almost every Bluetooth headset user should get one of these too..

Page last updated 05 Jun 2010
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